I got a Google+ !

Yay! I have a google+ account now! You can follow me at adduxp@gmail.com. I’m so happy! Now I can brag about it to my friends🙂 …

Yay! Moar apps!

So, two apps also came out today: Helicopter Flyer and Wilhelm Falls.

Helicopter flyer is much like iCopter, but with a flat cave. Pretty self explanatory. Get it here.

Wilhelm falls is a entertainment app that I think is much, much more decent than a fart app. Basically, you use a finger to push poor Wilhelm off a cliff, and he screams. Fail. I honestly don’t know why anyone would like Wilhelm Falls, because it is COMPLETELY pointless.😦 I made it as a small challenge to myself to come up with a ‘game’ that made absolutely no sense at all, yet people would still want to download it. Sure did. Just passed 400 downloads😮. You can get it here.

Well, signing out, Addux

New App Submitted! PixelBall Lite

Just posting: I submitted a new app a few minutes ago, called PixelBall Lite. You tilt your device to dodge the orange squares.

Again, just posting! I hope it doesn’t get rejected!

What? I have a blog?

So, just a quick story: I was playing Apples to Apples with a few of my friends today. Under the category “Pointless”, I put Blog. I won.

My point is, I’m clueless on what to write here. Maybe I’ll just write about my apps. *=*